Great place to work

Tesco has been offering its customers the highest quality services for many years, and in that time we have developed a good idea of what our customers want . In order to achieve our goals, we need not only our customers but also our colleagues feel good about us.  

We employ over 48,000 colleagues in Central Europe and want to provide a great place to work for each of them.

That is why at Tesco we pay attention to creating a corporate culture where everyone is welcomed and can get along well with others - whoever you are, wherever you work and whatever you do, Tesco can reach your full potential and be successful.

But what does 'Great place to work ' mean? It may be different for everyone:

  • For some, this is where they can choose how they work. Some care about flexibility and the ability to plan work according to the needs of your personal life. It can also mean individual work-life balance so that they can achieve their goals at work and at home. We create work environments where different work patterns are accepted and welcomed.
  • A great place to work can be tied to personal growth. We offer opportunities for company advancement, which may include: advancing, changing departments, moving between a central office, a distribution center and stores For someone else, working in our company can be a valuable experience at any stage of their career.
  • But a great place to work can also mean working in a team - sharing success, building relationships and functioning as part of a community of colleagues where people care for each other. We use our diverse backgrounds and lifestyles to benefit, allowing us to work better as a team.

Tesco in the Czech Republic believes that we have a responsibility to support our colleagues. We continue to provide ongoing training to our colleagues, maintain a safe and healthy working environment, and create a culture where everyone feels welcome and important.

Fair remuneration

We believe that everyone should be fairly rewarded for their work. In the last two years, we have invested CZK 660,000,000 in the wages of our colleagues in the Czech Republic. Because our colleagues are our most important customers, they can enjoy a 10% discount on purchases at Tesco stores. In addition, our colleagues can apply special discounts and offers in the network of our partners. We also offer benefit packages that include a Multisport card, meal vouchers and a business anniversary reward.


We help our colleagues acquire the skills they need to develop their long-term careers, such as digital and managerial knowledge. Through our training platform, we offer a range of educational opportunities, including both classic and online courses, and allow colleagues to take their own initiative over their training and education.

Diversity and inclusion

Everyone is welcome in Tesco. We accept everyone regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality. We want all of us to feel respected and appreciated. Our goal is for our colleagues to always feel that they can approach customers individually and that Tesco is a great place to work.

Health and well-being

To enable our colleagues to realize their full potential at work and beyond, we want to help them take care of their physical and mental well-being. We organize many activities aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and self-care. Within program we support our colleagues in healthy eating and sports activities. During the program we offer free fruit and vegetables to our colleagues and we also organize various sports competitions in which they can win interesting prizes.

In a nutshell:

  • Tesco should always be an example of a safe place to work and shop. That's why we have clear, simple and consistent safety standards, as well as innovative and flexible solutions for personal safety.
  • Each one of us can suddenly find ourselves in a difficult situation. That's why we have our Tesco Angel who helps colleagues overcome these difficult times.
  • Tesco is committed to supporting local communities. Therefore, it allows all its colleagues to join the volunteering program and help organizations in their neighborhood.
  • We have many colleagues and many roles in Tesco. But we all have one goal, which is to serve our customers a little better every day. With the Helping Hands program, central office colleagues have the opportunity to get involved in busy shops during busy periods, such as Easter and Christmas, to help not only their colleagues but also our customers.