Our approach

At Tesco, we believe that any small help can be of great importance. This motto accompanies our colleagues every day during all the activities we do around the world, in the thousands of communities we operate and for the millions of customers we serve. It is also a key idea of our Little Helps Plan strategy, setting the direction for all the changes Tesco is pushing to address the societal and environmental challenges that our customers, colleagues and communities care about.

We can best help by focusing on our people, our products and our places - these are the three pillars of the Little Helps Plan. Below these pillars are several areas where we want to make the right decisions. We call these areas the starting points of the strategy and cover important issues such as carbon reduction, health and safety, cybersecurity and anti-corruption policy.

Little Helps Plan helps us create a company that is a great place for colleagues, no matter their background; enabling consumers to make healthier choices and enjoy the quality and sustainable food at affordable prices; which ensures that no food fit for consumption is discarded; that supports the communities in which they operate. Since the launch of Little Helps Plan in 2017, we have made great progress in all of these areas and you can download our report on the implementation of the 2019 Plan below.


 Little Helps Plan 2020 Report Czech Republic
 Little Helps Plan 2020 Report Czech Republic PDF 2.6MB
Little Helps Plan 2020 Report Group
Little Helps Plan 2020 Report Group PDF 5.3MB