Small help and local activities

At Tesco, we believe that even little help can be of great importance. This core value is the way to what we do every day in the thousands of communities in which we operate. In the program You decide, we help and use our size as a force for good in donating food surplus. But everything good we do begins with small actions and little help at the local level.


Our colleagues are part of all the communities they serve in our stores. They are also often involved in local organizations and we recognize this. That is why we give them a chance to spend one working day volunteering and gain practical experience in regional food banks, organizations deciding on the program you decide, we help and other charities of their choice, where each helping hand is highly valued.

Local fundraising events

Tesco Foundation

The Tesco Endowment Fund plays a key role in the implementation of our community-focused activities. Thanks to the Tesco Foundation we can increase the smaller fundraising campaigns of our colleagues, co-organize social events or children's summer camps and involve local children's homes in events such as Tesco Summer Games. Our latest achievement was a series of community events called “100 Reasons to Smile” celebrating 100 years since the foundation of Czechoslovakia and the 100th anniversary of Tesco by connecting generations of young pupils with people in senior homes.