Our approach

We want to promote positive change in thousands of communities around the world. We can help in both big and small ways, for example by employing people in the locations where we operate, working with local suppliers and partners, and supporting things that matter to our customers and colleagues. Because where our communities are doing, we are doing well.

Supporting local communities

Supporting things that matter to our colleagues and customers is our first priority. In 2016, we launched a grant program called You Decide, We Help, to whom we offer financial assistance to small community projects aimed at improving the quality of life in the areas where we operate. This gives local NGOs the chance to design a project for their communities and customers then decide which project deserves the most financial support by voting in our stores. Since 2016, we have helped 1080 projects with a total amount of CZK 23,220,000.

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Donating food to people in need

We know well that wasting food is not a problem that only burdens the environment, but also affects our society. In short, it is not right to throw away good food when so many communities are still struggling with hunger. By donating quality food surpluses to local charities and groups, we were able to offer the equivalent of 2.5 million servings of food last year.

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Small help and local activities

Our colleagues know best what their city needs. We like to help them establish relationships with their communities and encourage them to engage in local events. Our colleagues can use one of their work days by volunteering in a charity in their area and we also give them the opportunity to help local things that matter to them.

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