Company management

Matt Simister CEO of Tesco Central Europe

Matt joined Tesco in 1996 as a marketing team in the UK. Since 2005, he has held various positions in the Central European region, including the position of Sales Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and Sales Director for the Tesco Fresh Food Group. After his return in 2005, he led a change in the UK food business. Later, in April 2017, he was promoted to the position of CEO for Central Europe. Matt is responsible for Tesco's business in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. He is also a member of the Exec team.

Zsolt Pálinkás Chief Operating Officer for Central Europe

Zsolt joined Tesco in 2003. He started as Head of Sales Department and continued his career in various operations until 2006. He then became a project manager in the marketing department and led one of our key projects in the Hungarian capital. After a year he moved to the commercial department, where he began as a buyer and gradually worked his way up to the sales director for fresh food and consumer goods. In March 2019 he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer for Central Europe. Zsolt is responsible for Supply Chain, operations management and development, logistics and distribution, Tesco's operations support team and online purchases in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Scott Fitzgerald Chief Financial Officer for Central Europe
Jiří Maňas IT Director for Central Europe

Jiří joined the position of IT Director for Central Europe in July 2019, when he became a member of the Tesco Exec team for Central Europe. He joined Tesco from Home Credit in Vietnam, where he served as Director of Information Technology and Technology Director during the past three years. He has extensive experience in banking, finance and IT. He is a holder of the ASEAN CIO 2017. Jiří studied Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He is married, has three sons and likes to play football in his spare time. In my life I follow the motto: "Living in fear means living only half."

Patrik Dojčinovič Executive Director, Czech Republic

Patrik began his career in Tesco in 2006 as director of one of the stores. The company appealed to him mainly because of his international experience in McDonald 'and Ahold. At that time Tesco developed dynamically and was looking for new directors and people with experience from various fields. Patrik's first steps led to England, where he spent about 7 months in operations and a central office to understand Tesco's functioning, corporate culture and, as he says, sucked in the atmosphere of one of the world's most successful retailers. Patrik has experience in operations, commercial positions, but also telecommunications in Tesco mobile.

Lucie Kováčová Director of the Legal Department for Central Europe

Lucie joined Tesco in 2006 when she joined the Czech legal team. She worked in various positions before becoming Director of the Legal Department for Central Europe. Among other things, she led the Czech Legal Department and the Central European Product Law Legal Team.

In December 2015, Lucie became Director of the Legal Department for Central Europe and a member of the Exec Team for Central Europe.

Lucie is responsible for ensuring that legal teams across Central Europe are good business partners for the rest of the company, contributing to the business plan while effectively protecting the entire company, colleagues and ensuring that Tesco customers are at the heart of everything the company does. By providing legal advice, implementing corporate policies and ethical standards, Lucie and her team actively support and oversee compliance and business integrity.

Ela Golab HR Director for Central Europe

Ely's job is to look after colleagues in Tesco in Central Europe. Its main responsibility is to help the company meet its business strategy, especially thanks to talented colleagues and their skills. Part of her work is to create a corporate culture where colleagues have the opportunity to realize themselves and make Tesco a great place to work.

Ela joined Tesco in 2006 as Communications Manager in Poland, where she was responsible for internal and external communications, leading the project on the first community support plan in Poland. After two years, she moved to the Human Resources Department as Education and Development Manager, where she launched, among other initiatives, an extensive management skills development program called "Strong Leadership - Better Results". In 2010 she was promoted to the position of HR Director in Poland to support the creation of a great place to work.

After establishing a joint management for Central Europe, she assumed the role of Operations Human Resources Director. Since June 2018 she has held her current position as HR Director for Central Europe.

Before joining Tesco, she worked in various positions, including the role of marketing director on television. She also held a corporate leadership position at Philip Morris, where she led CSR prevention programs for youth smoking.

Katarína Navrátilová Product Director for Central Europe

Katarína has been working for Tesco since 2000, when she became purchasing coordinator. Since then, she has gone through several positions, which allowed her to learn a lot about the different parts of the business. After several positions in the commercial department, Katarína moved to Turkey, where she took over the role of Sales Director at Tesco - Kipa and at the same time became a member of the Board of Directors. After returning home she became HR Director for Central Europe and a member of the Exec team. She currently holds the position of Product Director for Central Europe and plays a key role in building partnerships with our suppliers, enabling us to deliver healthy, affordable and sustainable products to our customers.

Ian Hutchins Director of Communications for Central Europe and CSR Director for Tesco Group

Ian leads our communications teams in Central Europe and runs our Little Helps Plan Corporate Social Responsibility program across Tesco. In Europe, he is responsible for our communication with colleagues, the media, the government and corporate social responsibility. He joined Tesco in 1998 in the Tesco Graduate Program and spent most of his time with the Tesco Group Communications team, including roles in the media team, communication with colleagues, corporate social responsibility and government affairs. While working for Tesco, he has worked on several major corporate communications projects. Ian is fluent in Polish and is an enthusiastic student of Central European history and politics. Before joining Tesco, he worked for Shell.

Matthew Kay Marketing Director for Central Europe

Matt is responsible for Marketing, Tesco Mobile and Tesco Financial Services.

He joined Tesco in 2003 and began his career as part of a fresh graduate program. Over the past 15 years, he has held various positions where he was responsible for marketing communications and strategy, and offering to customers. Prior to taking up his current position, he served as the Tesco Group Brand Manager for own brands and launched a range of our own brand Exclusively at Tesco, tailored to customer needs. He also held the position of Marketing Director for Jack's New Format in the UK. In February 2019, Matt was appointed to his current position as Marketing Director for Central Europe.

Hugh Garavelli Director of Property for Central Europe

Hugh is responsible for Tesco's real estate in Central Europe. He joined Tesco in 1989 as an operations planning manager at the store planning department. Since then, he has held additional real estate positions in the UK and other countries. Prior to joining Tesco, he worked for a grocery retailer: Woolworths. In September 2017, he took up his current position, Director of Property for Central Europe. He and his wife Fran have two children: Clara and William.

Simon Williams Director of Central Europe Business Center Team

Simon joined Tesco in 1995, and since then has worked in various departments focusing on real estate management or non-food business development. In 2007, he was promoted to Director of Small Business Formats and led the SE Superstores team while the business focused on the dynamic expansion of Express. In March 2011, Simon became Director of Acquisitions, Assets and Real Estate at the Tesco Group level, where he led work on plans for new acquisitions, their structure and strategic partnerships with tenants in Central Europe and Asia. In September 2013, he moved to China where he assumed the position of Managing Director of our Chinese asset management company and led its integration into a joint venture with China Resources Holdings. He currently serves as the Central European Rental Director with direct responsibility for our 419 shopping centers.

Martin Kuruc Executive Director, Slovakia

Martin started his career in Tesco as a manager of a long-lasting food in a hypermarket in Petrzalka in 2000. It was a really interesting experience for him - to be part of the team that opened the first Tesco hypermarket in the Slovak capital, Bratislava. Martin has been working in Tesco since its entry into the Slovak market. He later opened the Tesco store in Piešťany and led several sales teams, both small and large, in the central office where he led the Supply Chain and Distribution teams, as well as the operations support team in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and held the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Since June 2018, Martin has been Executive Director for Slovakia and is responsible for implementing the company's strategy towards customers, colleagues and communities. As he says, it is a very responsible and exciting task that often fills him with pride in what individual teams in stores, distribution centers and central offices do every day to make customers a better shopping experience and a great place for colleagues for work.

Martin Beháň Executive Director, Poland

Martin is responsible for Tesco in Poland offering its customers something extra every day and creating a great place to work for Polish colleagues. Martin is also responsible for managing all retail channels - including hypermarkets, small formats and online formats, as well as managing the company in the country as a whole.

Martin joined Tesco in 2002 as a new business manager, working in this position for 2 years. He built on his previous experience at Tesco as well as two years as Key Account Manager at LG Electronics. Since 2006, he has worked in various operating positions in Tesco including area manager for small formats, store manager in a department store in Prague and area manager for hypermarkets. In recent years, he worked as Director for Small Formats in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and for one year held this position for the whole of Central Europe. During his three years in managing small business formats, Martin was also responsible for Žabka's business in the Czech Republic as CEO. After three years of business experience, he moved to Poland in March 2016, where he worked as Sales Director. Since April 2017 Martin has been working as Managing Director for Poland.

Zsolt Pártos Executive Director, Hungary

Zsolt is responsible for creating the best customer experience and a great place to work for colleagues in Hungary, by managing all retail channels - hypermarkets, small formats and online shopping. Zsolt is also responsible for managing the company in the country as a whole.

He joined Tesco in 1997 as the main commodity buyer in Hungary and joined the team of experienced colleagues right after Tesco entered the Hungarian market. He built on his experience from a variety of positions, including a manager for fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and a commercial manager for long-life food. He was part of international teams in Hungary, Turkey, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In 2014, Zsolt accepted the role of format director for department stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A year later, he took over responsibility for online purchases and became director of department stores in Central Europe and director of

online shopping. After 10 years of international experience, Zsolt has been appointed Executive Director for Hungary.