Our goal and core values

Our main goal:

Serve our customers a little better every day

Tesco was founded with a simple mission - to be the best for customers and to help them achieve a better and simpler lifestyle. It never changed. Customers want great products that are readily available and at a great price, and it is up to us to provide them.

Therefore, "serving our customers a little better every day" is our main goal. As a retail company, customer service is at the heart of everything we do - from colleagues in the store to those of us in support roles.

In the Czech Republic, we serve tens of thousands of customers each week, so we want to make sure that each of them has a slightly better experience each time they visit.

Our core values allow us to understand how to achieve this:

Nobody does more for our customers than we do

  • We strive to understand our customers
  • We want to meet their needs first
  • We behave responsibly to our communities

To understand people - customers, colleagues and communities - to understand what matters most to them and then try to improve it is in our heart. We listen to and talk to people by all available means - from Clubcard data to social networks - and then we respond and improve to meet their needs.

We treat people the way they want

  • We work as one team
  • We trust and respect each other
  • We listen, support and thank you
  • We share knowledge and experience

We know that building a corporate culture where colleagues trust and respect each other is essential to our success. Where colleagues feel rewarded for their work, where they get along well with others and where they have opportunities to move on in their careers, they will always do the best for our customers.

Any small help can be of great importance

  • We help reduce food waste worldwide and ensure that food surpluses go to people in need
  • We strive to make our lives healthier
  • We offer sustainable products of great quality at a great price
  • We are changing things for the better in the communities where we operate

Every little help can be of great importance - that is the slogan we live to help customers, colleagues and their communities a little better every day. It describes how Tesco can make a big difference in the things that matter to our customers, colleagues, communities and the wider community, when all the things we do add up.

This includes everyday things that work together to help the larger global initiatives we engage. This helps us take the right steps to anchor confidence in our business and to make our decisions transparent.