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Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Conduct sets out our minimum expectations of all colleagues, wherever they are and whatever Tesco does business with.

"Our Code of Ethics is designed to help and protect our daily work for Tesco. In a competitive, fast and constantly regulated market, it is important that each of us understands the rules we must follow and behave as we are expected to we did a good job for our customers and we were fully supported by Tesco.

The Code describes our most important legal obligations and the principles we must follow. As colleagues we are responsible for adhering to the Code. Wherever we work, regardless of our role, the Code helps us protect and protect the reputation of our business across customers, colleagues, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Whether we are new to Tesco or have been working here for a long time, it is important that we take the time to understand how the Code applies to us.

The Code is more than adhering to the rules and our policies. It means using our Values ​​and Leadership to make decisions that we always do the right thing at work and work honestly, openly and honestly.

If you are concerned about your own behavior or that of another person, you must speak to someone you trust. Start with your direct supervisors, or consult your Human Resources Manager or the Legal Department. Or, if you need to report your concern anonymously, you can call the Supplier Helpline with complete confidence.

I want everyone who works for Tesco to be proud of our business and the success we make for the customers and communities we are part of. Knowing our principles, using good judgment, being honest and speaking when needed - these are just some of the ways we can build pride in Tesco and how we can help build a stronger business in the future. "

Dave Lewis,

Group CEO

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Supplier help line

The Supplier Help Line allows colleagues and suppliers to report in the event of concern that there has been a mistake at work. If you are unable to talk to your manager or your HR manager, please contact the Helpline:

  • Report any concern at work that you believe may be against the law, violation of the Code, or conduct that is against company policy.
  • Report anything you think is dangerous to colleagues, customers, or the public.
  • Share the concerns you have that information about these things is not intentionally hidden

The line is absolutely confidential and is managed by an independent company from Tesco. You do not need to give your name if you call, and if you give it, the Line will be able to update the result of the investigation and will be able to contact you if necessary. See the Code of Conduct for full details of the Supplier Help Line.