Tesco donates food from all 190 stores Last year, it donated 1,011 tons of food

Tesco fulfilled another of its ambitious goals. Already donated unsold food directly from all its 190 stores. Tesco is thus the first chain in the Czech Republic, with all its shops helping people in need. Tesco thus confirmed the role of the leader in combating food waste and long-term efforts to help where it is most needed.


To give food a second chance, precisely this motto is governed by the food bank, but also Tesco. In food donation, food banks are a key partner. Tesco has been cooperating with the Federation of Food Banks since 2013. It regularly donates food to banks on a daily or weekly basis. “We are very proud to have met another of our company's commitments to include all our stores in the Czech Republic by 2020 in the food donation program. Regardless of the size or location of the store, each of them can now help unsold fresh and durable food to people in   emergency. Last year alone, our stores donated 1,011 tons of food through the Federation of Food Banks, which is the most of all retailers on the Czech market, ” says Patrik Dojčinovič, Managing Director of Tesco for the Czech Republic.

Donated food is distributed through banks to people in need, especially asylum houses, orphanages or homes for the elderly. The most common gifts are durable foods, fruits, vegetables and pastries, and rarely chilled or frozen goods. The regularity of donations varies according to the size of the store, the amount of surpluses, the capacity of the food banks and their customer organizations.

“Tesco is one of us   key partners in   food donation. Thanks to close cooperation, we are able to continuously increase the amount of donated food and thus actively participate in the fight against food waste, ” adds Veronika Láchová, Director of the Federation of Food Banks.

Tesco was the first retailer in Central Europe to publish food waste data in 2017. Tesco achieved another great success in combating food waste, the chain reduced food waste in its operations by 55% in just 2 years. Thus, Tesco fulfilled the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 - halving food waste by 11 years earlier than the UN set. It is unique even in the world, so Tesco CR was also emphasized in the UN as an example that other companies should follow.

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