Tesco now offers to buy clothes online

Tesco Online Shopping has expanded its product range to include selected types of clothing. It currently offers over 230 products in four categories - newborns, children, women and men. These are mainly the basic products of underwear and socks, ie things of everyday and year-round wear.


Featured F&F brands are now available online through Tesco online shopping.

“Customers can choose from eg   socks, underwear, hats or socks. IN   We currently offer 238 products and v   In the coming months, we plan to expand our product range even further, ”

says Věra Szabó, Tesco Internet Sales Manager.

Customers are most interested in baby goods. This also corresponds to the composition of customers who buy through this service. Most often it is just mothers with small children.

The only complication of the new range of clothing is the fact that in the case of incorrectly selected size, the goods must be returned or replaced at one of 190 Tesco stores.

Tesco Online Shopping has the widest coverage and offer on the Czech market, now available to up to 5 million customers in the Czech Republic and offering more than 21,000 products at the same prices as in-store. Last year, the service was extended to Hana to Prostějov, Přerov, Olomouc and South Bohemia, respectively. to České Budějovice, Český Krumlov and Třeboň and surroundings.

Tesco's statistics show that the average purchase of Czech food is about 80 items and weighs about 37 kg. Orders include bulk items such as soft drinks, washing powders and fabric softeners, diapers, flour, animal feed, but also fresh foods, especially dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Online food purchases are mostly used by a group of people aged 25-45, and most (80%) are women. Preferred delivery dates include Friday and weekend days, either in the morning or after 4pm.

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