Žabka opened another 2 new stores today

Two new stores in Prague and Brno were opened today by Žabka. Both stores have generous premises and a sales area of more than 140 square meters. It offers convenient shopping with easy access with long opening hours (daily from 6am to 11pm) and 363 days a year. Currently, the Žabka retail network operates a total of 109 stores.

A wide selection of products and services, fast and convenient purchase combined with good location are some of the competitive advantages of Žabka stores. This is also true for two new stores that opened to customers today. The Prague store is part of the new Sakura residential complex in Prague 5, Na Pomezí 1333/36. The Brno shop is located opposite the Military Hospital in Zábrdovická 827/10.

Customers buy more than 140 square meters of fresh food, as well as a rich range of financial services such as cash withdrawals, paying bills, picking up consignments, recharging all operators' telephone credit or selling tickets.

“Žabka stores accurately copy current customer needs, ie fast and convenient shopping in a pleasant environment. The format of a small compact shop with a wide range of services is currently in great demand, but not only by customers, but also by new franchisees, so we are pleased to open new stores across the country, ” adds Radim Lunda, General Manager network. More new stores will open soon.

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