Get double your credit with Tesco Clubcard

We used to stay in touch with our loved ones, make purchases in a few minutes online from your mobile, and read the latest news in real time. If you make calls with your family and friends through Tesco Mobile and shop at Tesco on itesco.cz with Clubcard, you will surely be interested in “Free”. Tesco Mobile's new connection and Clubcard mobile app give Tesco customers a whole new way to use their earned points for free calls. You will now be able to double the Clubcard vouchers that you collect during your purchase in the Clubcard app and recharge your credit.

Tesco Mobile is a generous operator, so you no longer have to deal with your phone bills. You can use the operator's services for Clubcard vouchers received. The process is very easy. All you need to do is install the Clubcard app on your smartphone, available on both Google Play and the App Store, sign up with your current Clubcard and select the Tesco Mobile credit voucher option in the voucher tab. “ For example, for vouchers worth $ 10, you get up to $ 20 credit. You decide on the use of credit yourself. With Tesco Mobile you can have unlimited calls and SMS with a customized data package for as little as CZK 499. And even cheaper with Tesco Mobile, ”   explains Jan Semotán, general manager of Tesco Mobile. If you also install the Tesco Mobile app, you can also get larger data packages, discounts on Tesco stores, or you can compete for tours to exotic landscapes.

If you are interested in the offer of a generous operator, but you do not have your Tesco Mobile SIM card yet, you can purchase it at a discount in Tesco stores by the end of the summer. For example, new customers can take advantage of an unlimited call and SMS package with data, without commitments and invoices, which is now available to every new customer with a 50% discount.

For more information, visit www.tescomobile.cz, the Tesco Mobile application available on Google Play or the App Store, or call +420 841 11 22 55.

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