Tesco expands its assortment of organic products of its own brand

Under the Tesco Organic label, customers can buy over a hundred fresh and long-lasting organic foods, to which will also be added chia seeds, quinoa, goji, flax seeds, coconut flour and coconut sugar. With the launch of these products, Tesco responds to the growing trend of customers who prefer healthy, organic food . More than a third of Tesco Organic products come from Czech suppliers and growers.

Tesco is one of the chains selling the widest range of organic food in Central Europe. In addition to branded products, it also offers its customers a range of organic food under its own Tesco Organic brand. Tesco Organic offers a wide range of products such as cereals, seeds and nuts, several types of tea and coffee, soft drinks and wines, rice, wholegrain pasta, oils, fresh meat and also fruits and vegetables under Tesco Bio. On the occasion of September as a month of organic food, Tesco is expanding its range to include chia seeds, quina, goji, flax seeds, coconut flour and coconut sugar. By expanding this range, Tesco is responding to the growing customer demand of Czechs for healthy organic products.

“All products are in organic quality, without sweeteners and do not contain genetically modified organisms. There is a growing interest not only in bio-quality products but in general in healthy nutrition products, ”   explains Andrea Votýpková, Tesco's manager for the development of new healthy food products.

Organic food sales in Tesco are growing, mainly due to the price at which the chain offers them.   “In Tesco we offer a really wide range of organic food and beverages . Although some customers might be discouraged from buying higher prices, they do not have to worry about them at Tesco. We offer organic quality products at bargain prices, ”   adds Andrea Votypková. In the summer of 2019 alone, sales of organic food and Tesco Organic products grew by a third on average. The private label accounted for almost half of all organic products in the shopping cart. The most popular products include Tesco Organic Salty Sticks, Pretzels and Wholegrain Spaghetti.

Basic information about Tesco Organic:

  • Currently Tesco offers more than 100 organic products under the Tesco Organic brand.
  • Under the Tesco Bio label, customers can find organic quality vegetables and fruits.
  • Organic products are displayed in separate modules in the fresh and durable food department.

Why are organic foods tastier?

  • At least 95% of the raw materials used must be organic. This means from a farm that does not use pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms.
  • On organic farms, animals have the possibility of paddock or grazing and are fed without growth stimulants or hormonal products.
  • Compliance with all of the above conditions must be substantiated by a certification granted by the inspection bodies with this authorization.

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