Tesco introduced a new line of ready meals

Italian, Indian, Mexican or traditional Czech cuisine. Everybody can choose from Tesco's new range of ready meals. All dishes are prepared from quality ingredients and guaranteed fresh. Hummus, salads, pasta or soups - these are just some of the innovations available at Tesco stores.

50 regional and international dishes are offered. The rich selection includes 5 types of hummus and 6 types of salads. Lovers of regional cuisine can choose from 12 traditional dishes and 4 types of soups. 11 Italian recipes are prepared from popular Italian cuisine, including pasta and ready-made sauces. International cuisine lovers can choose from 11 different tastes. The dishes are prepared with high-quality fresh ingredients and, thanks to modern recipes, are an interesting alternative for those seeking new flavors as well as for customers who appreciate traditional and regional cuisine.

“The expansion of the range of ready meals is a response to the needs of our customers. They increasingly prefer ready meals, which can be quickly prepared at work and at home without undue delay. To meet their expectations, we offer a wide range of meals and soups that are ready for immediate consumption or just need to be heated in a microwave oven, ” explains Patrik Dojčinovič, Managing Director of Tesco for the Czech Republic.

Lovers of modern and healthy cuisine will certainly appreciate hummus with various flavors, such as tomatoes and peppers, beetroot and classic hummus with falafel. Light salads such as couscous with vegetables, quinoa with vegetables or red bulgur are also available. All these dishes are ideal as a full snack for busy customers looking for a light and healthy meal. Practical packaging, ideal portion size and included cutlery allow you to enjoy your meal almost anywhere.

There are also ready-to-cook meals in the microwave. Tesco offers various flavors of traditional cuisine, such as salmon with sauce and vegetables or sirloin in cream with dumplings and soups, including tomato with basil, minestrone or pumpkin. Supporters of Italian cuisine can try different variations of pasta, including spaghetti bolognese, carbonarra spaghetti or lasagne. From the world cuisine, customers can taste tikka masala, green curry, sweet and sour chicken or falafel.

All products were prepared from carefully selected ingredients. The products are cooled and delivered to the distribution center six times a week. The stores are delivered the next day, ensuring maximum freshness and great taste.

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