Tesco again distributed CZK 5 million to charity projects

Adventure events for sick children, interactive equipment for schools and kindergartens, playrooms in orphanages, educational courses, hippotherapy, special aids for seniors, support for local traditions - these are just a few examples of exceptional projects that have entered the 6th round of the program and now they will distribute over 5 million crowns among themselves.

Since 2016, the unique Tesco Foundation grant program “You Decide, We Help” supports publicly beneficial projects of non-profit and contributory organizations throughout the Czech Republic. The program primarily targets small projects that promote positive environmental change.

A total of 565 projects applied for the 6th round of the program. Based on the evaluation of the expert guarantor of the Civil Society Development Foundation, 270 of the best of them passed to the customer vote. They competed for the favor of customers in 90 regions across the country. Between June 17 and July 14, 2019, customers had the opportunity to decide who would receive CZK 30,000, $ 16,000, and $ 10,000. The nominated organizations used the opportunity to present their activities directly to shops and customers during the vote. They were able to bring their activities closer and present their project. The token for one of the nominated projects was thrown by unbelievable 3,257,412 customers in the Czech Republic. The absolute winner was the organization AMA - Society of Cancer Patients, their family members and friends, which received 61 352 votes.

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In six rounds, the program has achieved great results, mainly due to the enormous interest of local non-profit organizations and the amazing support of Tesco customers and employees. Patrik Dojčinovič, CEO of Tesco for the Czech Republic, says:  

“More than 23 million crowns were donated for the implementation of 1080 charity projects out of a total of 3441 submitted organizations. An incredible 20.7 million customers took part in the vote and decided to support their favorite projects. Our customers most appreciated projects aimed at children, disadvantaged, families or socially disadvantaged people or seniors. ”

However, Tesco's cooperation with non-profit organizations does not end with financial support.

“We want to continue to help non-profit organizations and support their education and thus increase the chances of success in other grant calls. That is why we will launch a new form of online fundraising education this fall, ”

adds Patrik Dojčinovič.

The successful program continues, the latest results can be found on the website   https://itesco.cz/pomahame/   where you can learn when and how you can apply for more projects for the 7th round, which will start this autumn. Do not miss the unique opportunity to improve your surroundings or support the projects you want to be implemented in your place of residence through voting tokens.

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