84,000 hours of help to Czech communities, Tesco launches the largest retail volunteer program

Tesco is constantly helping to improve life in the communities in which it operates. This year, Tesco is introducing a new way of supporting local communities - the Volunteer Program for Colleagues - to mark International Charity Day. As part of this initiative, each colleague can dedicate 8 hours of his / her working time per year to support the activities of local communities of his / her choice. This means that Tesco can help up to 84,000 hours per year in the Czech Republic and approximately 370,000 hours in Central Europe.

At Tesco, we see volunteering as an excellent opportunity to integrate our colleagues into their local communities where they work or live.   “The goal of this program is to motivate as many colleagues as possible to spend part of their working time usefully helping people living in their community. When we all join our forces, we can do fantastic things, ”   says Patrik Dojčinovič, Tesco's Executive Director for the Czech Republic, adding : “Experience gained through volunteer activities has shown that our colleagues really appreciate helping charities. We are proud to be part of hundreds of communities across the Czech Republic. By providing eight hours of working time, we give our colleagues the opportunity to support projects in their neighborhood that they are interested in. ”

As part of a volunteer program pilot project, colleagues from Tesco in the Czech Republic helped last year when they had the opportunity to work one day for a local charity, NGO or school. This day was then counted as a classic working day for which they were paid normal wages. In total, they helped more than 800 hours in their communities last year. They spent time sorting donated clothing, helping out in children's camps, or distributing food surpluses that Tesco donates to 177 charities.

Volunteering Day gave me a good feeling of helping others and also a nice time with my team ,” describes Ivana Fara, Tesco's Legal Department Manager, describing her volunteer experience at the Food Bank.

Tesco wants to be a good partner for the communities where it operates. That is why Tesco introduced a voluntary initiative for colleagues, which enables them to help various charities throughout the Czech Republic. And colleagues can choose who they want to help, when and with whom - either individually or together as a team.

The volunteer program is based on the existing community activities of Tesco. Colleagues can help organizations that Tesco has supported in the past or helped them through other community activities, such as the Food Collection and the Grant Program You Decide, We Help. Tesco has so far donated over 23 million crowns for the implementation of 1080 charity projects in the six rounds of this program. Thanks to this, we realized, for example, experiential events for sick children, interactive equipment of schools and kindergartens, play areas in children's homes, educational courses, hippotherapy, special aids for seniors or support of local traditions.

For more information on how Tesco supports local communities, visit our   Little Helps Planu.

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